AGA Group & Associates

AGA Group provides cargo transportation and cargo handling equipment to shipping companies, stevedores, ports, logistics, and trucking companies. We have placed much of our growth efforts in developing business relationships throughout the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean for over 20 years. During this period, we established the priorities that would identify us among our competitors. We will offer you the best possible equipment available in the U.S. market based on your company needs and budget; always allowing you to make the final decision.

As U.S ports and cargo handling industries upgrade their equipment and operations to a higher standard, AGA Group plays an important role in marketing the existing equipment to other domestic and foreign buyers.

After 20 years providing used cargo transportation and cargo handling equipment, AGA is heading to a new business direction by incorporating new container chassis sales in our portfolio. After months of negotiation, on December 2016, we finalized an exclusive sales and distribution agreement with Hercules Enterprises.
Our objective is to be affiliated with a reputable US manufacturer that shares our vision and growth prospective. Hercules, established in 1958, is considered the 2nd oldest chassis manufactured in United States with unquestionable engineering and production equipment quality for over 58 years. Their innovating engineering equipment designs provides versatility that translates high efficiency intermodal operations, higher profits, and wise investment. It’s our pleasure to be associated with an industry leader that shares our passion to provide the best possible service and equipment quality to the intermodal industry.
  • Capture highest possible return on asset sales.
  • Accurately inspect and evaluate your equipment assets.
  • Eliminate client’s internal obstacles to effectively market equipment sales.
  • Tap into the expertise of an international firm in marketing used equipment.
  • 20 years of experience in cargo and transportation equipment sales and marketing.

AGA Group has been successfully providing used equipment to the U.S, Latin American, and Caribbean buyers for over 20 years. Furthermore, we handle the language barrier, billing, collection, logistics, and other services required for easy transactions.

For our U.S. based clients and providers, AGA is a strong partner that can play an important role in asset liquidation, equipment marketing, and equipment sales. During our years in business, AGA Group has participated in several domestic and foreign bankruptcy asset liquidations capturing higher sales returns.